Guide apples hanging bug fixes, iOS Boot Loop 10

Currently iOS jailbreak tool 10 is still quite a lot of errors occur during use. In addition, users install the tweak is not compatible also cause crashes apple iOS Boot Loop 10. This article will guide fixing hanging apple, iOS Boot Loop 10 when users install the tweak not compatible (Appvn, AppSync) ...

Guide apples hanging bug fixes, iOS Boot Loop 10.

Requires devices to enable Find My iPhone.
Step 1 : Visit from PCs
Step 2 : Login and select in the ' Find My iPhone '
Step 3 : Here, you click on the 'All device' and select the device you want to restore. Select ' Delete iPhone ', then your iPhone will restore as new equipment. You just need to reset the machine and proceed to jailbreak again.
Step 4 : However, after the implementation of the above method, it will get an error ' Could not open file ... ' after the jailbreak again.
With this bug, you just made this guide to fix.

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