7 video editing app for iOS devices best

There are many video editors for iOS devices. However, the search becomes more difficult with dozens of applications that appear on the App Store store! To help you solve this problem, in this article Cydia.vn will share with you a video editing application 7 best video for iPhone and iPad, is synthesized from Beebom page.

7 video editi
ng app for iOS devices best

In this article Cydia.vn will share with you a video editing application 7 best video for iPhone and iPad, is synthesized from Beebom page.
1. iMovie
iMovie software supports editing video "master key" by Apple, combines everything you need to process or edit video on a compact device with extremely friendly interface and easy to use. You can cut, copy, add filters or themes for each project arbitrary video.
2. Videoshop
If you want to use a video editing tool is simple but effective, fully VideoShop can meet that need. Unlike other video editing applications, Videoshop will offer basic features for you to use as cut, effects, speed management, brightness and color ... In addition, you can also dial videos directly from the app
3. Splice
Splice is a video editing application video from GoPro producers. You can import photos or videos stored on the device to the application and edit them into a movie is extremely easy. Splice Point's most impressive is the ability to edit the entire video clip in the form of highlights, you will manually pick out the most memorable moments in the video, then you can cut, add effects and add captions on video, then the application will automatically cut the clip based on the passage you highlighted.
Splice allows users to store video edited on the device or upload directly to sharing some services free as Youtube, Facebook etc ...
4. Cameo
If you are a savvy lot, but do not enjoy making cinematic style clips on the phone's video service Vimeo Cameo is a great choice.
Specifically, you have the option of rotating the clip from the machine's camera or import from the available video or both, then arrange them arbitrarily, cut and reconnect with just a few swipes. Next is to choose the template that you see the logical conclusion, there are many tones available and quite beautiful film.
5. Quik
Quik is a video editing application from GoPro great again, help you edit videos quickly and completely automatically. You can add scenes video, special effects and background music. In addition, this app also provides you with the manual settings, with the ability to sort and shred video, or choose from 24 style video with transition effects available. This is a professional video editor just a few easy steps.
6. Video Crop
This is a video editing application appropriately simple for iPhone users or iPad. Crop Video lets do the video cropping for each TTI certain percentage very quickly and easily.
7. Magisto
Video Editor & Maker's Magisto program design and video editing is extremely great and especially absolutely free. The use is very simple, and most users do not need to do anything apart from any touch to select and reorder your liking, because all the applications have been run out from the stage of determination the video and photos to stitch arrangement, basic patching, creating the effect ... and finally the finished product.
Above is 7 video editing application for iPhone and iPad best, thank you for watching.

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