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In this unique adventure game, you're the homicide detective. You must succeed in each case to move up the police ranks in Crime Line, a collection of short crime mysteries that will have you analyzing and piecing together the clues in each episode. Put the evidence together with the stories of the witnesses to solve the crimes. Solve 12 different murders and arrest the killers as efficiently and accurately as you can. The better you do at solving the crimes, the faster you move up the ranks. Prove your keen detective skills through detailed interviews and the collection of pertinent evidence that you find at each crime scene. The unique storylines will keep you engaged as you hunt down the truth and apprehend the criminals.

>Solve 12 different murder cases.
>Interview dozens of witnesses and collect hundreds of clues.
>Use the evidence to recreate the murders and uncover the killers.
>Follow the unique storylines and characters in this episodic murder mystery game.
>Solve the cases efficiently and accurately to move up the police ranks.

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